Create the in-app chat experience

Actively maintained, community-driven chat UI implementation for React Native and Flutter with an optional Firebase BaaS.



  • Permissive license

  • No paid plugins

  • Community driven


Technologies we support


Tech stack

What you can do with Flyer chat

  • Images

  • Files upload

  • Links preview

  • Firebase core (O)

Mobile Phone Mini Mobile Phone

Firebase core


Use Firebase to store messages and sync between your BE service and Firebase.

Easy integration

Components are ready to use out of the box - just drop them in to your project!

Customizable UI

Custom themes support. Dark theme, provide your own color scheme.


Compose like Lego pieces. Use Flyer’s chat UI with your BE service or choose ours. You can use your own chat UI with our BE too!

Community driven

We’re an open source solution. Happy to suggestions and pull requests.

Minimum deps

Our libraries are lightweight. Use your fav libs for selecting images, open files etc.

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